Friday, April 27, 2012


Friday, April 27, 2012


This year I decided to try some new plants in my garden.  Today I would like to feature Forget-Me-Nots, or Myosotis sylvatica.  The variety that I purchased was pink blooming. 

These are really considered bi annuals as the mother plant dies away after reseeding the garden with its babies from seed.  The plant know as Sweet William has the same tendancies.

It is primarily a ground cover or border plant for your woodland shade garden.  They need moist soil that is humousy in nature.  The plants are bushy, foot tall, with fuzzy, tonge-shaped leaves that are dappled.  They bloom in the late winter early spring needing cooler temperatues to thrive.  The  bouncy airy blossoms that come in colors of blue, pink and white kind of look like brunnera blossoms.  They seem to float in the air.

I used to have blue flowering Forget-Me-Nots" at my former home in my shade gardens.  They always did pretty well and succeeded in multiplying every year.  I like ground covers and have several plants that act in that way.  Hopefully this plant  chooses to like my garden for its new home and multiplies.

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