Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stan Hywet Tour - Barkitecture

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Thursday my Daughter-in-Law Janet and I took my three Grandchildren, twins Bryce and Cutler and her daughter Kylee on a really neat outing in Akron, Ohio. We went to Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens to see the Barkitecture Display. Eleven oversized custom designed dog houses were designed and built by area builders and donated to Stan Hywet for the display. They are to be auctioned off in October. The houses are all as big as a child's playhouse and are displayed all over the property there.

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens was the home of the Seiberlings and was built about 1910. A lot of the interior wood came from castles in England and the architecture and interior are very Tudorish. I have been on the home tour several times and always get a different tour with a different perspectus from its many volunteer guides.

I would like to share with you some of the dog houses on the tour. A pampered pooch would certainly find any one of these an ideal abode. Of course, a child would love having any one of these as a playhouse. All in the way you look at it I guess.

The pink house is called the American Gothic (the perfect canine get-away. The inside was decorated complete with a leopard print fur bedspread on the metal framed bed and matching window treatments.

Kylee is inside the Lincolndog House.

The kids had a blast playing on the Poochie Play Pavillion.

Janet and the kids at the Frank Lloyd "Bite" house. It has a vegetable garden roof, a living wall with trellis and straw insulation.

Looking inside the Oops...bottoms Up! house. This wacky residence is one that only a dog could love, complete with fire hydrant.

The FireDog House was really neat. Inside was a two story house with loft that the kids could climb up into. Dioramas on the inside walls of firefighters equipment and clothing, and what firehouse would be complete without a fire pole to slide down. Totally great fun for the kids!

Last, but not least, An American Dog in Paris resembling the Eiffel tower. What French poodle would not want to live in this little palace! Paris Hilton's dogs would be jealous!

We all had a great time and ended the day with an ice cream inside the carriage house before going home.

If you live in the Cleveland or Akron, Ohio area, this trip is well worth your time to treat your kids to a great summer outing. There are beautiful gardens surrounding the Hall and a Conservatory complete with a pond adventure for the kids.