Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scallops Breaded in Panko

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Serves 2

10 Large Sea Scallops fresh or frozen
Japanese Panko Breading Crumbs
2 tbls. olive oil

If your sea scallops are frozen, defrost them under cold water in a strainer and place them in refrigerator for the day to defrost. If they are fresh, you can go ahead and dry them in between paper towels to get the extra liquid out of them so that the panko breading crumbs adhere. Do the same with the frozen ones once they are completely thawed out.

Roll the dryed scallops in the panko crumbs and place them on a plate, ready to fry.

Place 2 tbls. of olive oil in a medium sized fry pan. Place heat on med. high. Fry breaded scallops on both sides until lightly browned. Try not to overcook the scallops as they are delicate in nature and will dry out fast.

I have made these several times using this method and found them to be really delicious. We serve them with a pinapple coconut mango sauce which you can purchase ready made in your grocery store.

This is a lighter version than regular breading and deep frying them. I bet you will agree with me that they are just scrumptious.

Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

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  1. How yummy! If I get cooking motivation I will most def. try out your recipe!