Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sunday, June 27, 2010

After almost five years on, Garden Gate Designs is closing. Come help me empty my shop by taking advantage of 50% off every jewelry making supply in my shop. It has been a fun time and I have made a lot of great on line friends and customers. But, the time has come to close and be off to bigger and better endeavors.

Just an example:

Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

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  1. It looks like a wonderful shop and you've had over 1,000 sales since you opened it, so you were certainly doing something very right.
    I too have a supply shop and I'm finding it hard to compete with the big shops that have 80 or more shop pages and can afford to make bulk purchases through Chinese import sites.
    Plus there isn't much profit once etsy takes its cut and paypal collects their fees...especially if most of one's orders are for only 1 or 2 items that hardly total $5.00 including shipping cost!!!
    What new venture are you about to pursue? Will it be another etsy shop or are you going off in an entirely different direction?
    BTW I have just clicked to become a follower of your blog. :)