Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shade Gardens are Filling in at Last

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My shade gardens are finally up and filling in. This morning I cultivated about 80 lbs. of composted manure into my back garden. The side garden just needs some new black mulch this year. I have a couple of new plants in my garden as of a week ago. One of them is a blue flowering corydallis. It is in the bleeding heart family or decentra. The other is a Decentra "Ivory Heart" which displays graceful ivory white hearts above delicate, ferny blue foliage. It flowers from May to September and appreciates part-sun to shade. It is cold tolerant to -40 degrees F and is fragrant, too! It grows 12" tall by 12" wide and is deer resistant. It is a border plant because of its size. I have a picture of it today.

Am posting a few pics of my side shade garden and how it is filling in. The bleeding hearts of which I have about 6 different varieties are in bloom now and are spectacular. Along with the blue blooming brunerra of which there are many of in my side garden, striped pink lilies of the valley that are spreading through the garden along with the common variety, epidemiums (yellow, violet and pink), ferns, hostas, and oh so many other plants too numerous to mention, the garden is looking at its best in Spring.

The third picture is of my St. Francis Garden Statue. He is the patron Saint of Birds and Animals. He makes me happy when I see him residing in my garden. My maidenhair fern is directly in front of him.

The last picture is an overview of my garden as seen from the arch leading into the garden.

I did have a suprise today at my hummingbird feeders in the back garden. I just purchased and installed a larger feeder which is glass. I hung it from the post that my dragonfly weathervane is attached to. The most beautiful finch like bird alit on the feeder and proceeded to sip the nector. I looked it up in my Audabon birding guide and found it to be an orchard oriole. He was about 7 inches long, orange with black markings. Just beautiful. I have never had one in my backyard before. What a treat!

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  1. Oooh! So pretty!
    I miss trees...we don't have too many out here in the desert.

  2. I have recently had to face the fact that my flower garden is actually in shade quite a bit now. May have to rethink the plant choices.

  3. these gardens are beautiful! i love the outdoors =)

  4. How pretty! I live in an apartment and miss having a yard. :(