Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pansy Time-Springtime!

Sunday, April 5, 1009

What a beautiful Palm Sunday this turned out to be in Northeast Ohio. I came back from a couple of errands this afternoon and decided to plant my hayrack and matching wall planter with the pansies that I purchased from the garden shop last week. I always plant with pansies just before Easter. The pansies match my twin door wreaths of forsythia and lilac. The colors of the pansies blend in pretty well with them.

First my husband and I take the large hayrack off the porch and walk it around the back of the house and dump the old soil into a compost pile we have for debris. I always keep a coconut liner inside the rack. They usually last three years if I am careful with it. I then fill it with new Miracle Grow Soil and depot the pansies and lay them out in a pattern before I plant them. I sweep the porch and tidy up before I water the racks. That is so the soil that is on the porch does not turn to mud.

Just thought you might enjoy viewing a picture of the finished product. As the weeks go by, the planter will fill in and last until beginning of July. The pansies will bolt in the summer heat. Then, I simply purchase different plants for shade and refil the planter. I try something different each year. Hope you enjoy the picture. Hoping everyone has a great day with lots of sunshine!

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  1. Happy spring you lucky girl. We are still waist deep in snow. The picture did get my hopes up though!


  2. I love the flowers in the hayrack! Beautiful pic. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy! - CT

  3. The planter looks so springlike! I had thought of putting some pansies out this week and guess what, it's snowing again! Maybe next week.