Friday, February 20, 2009

Garden Club Meeting

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our first garden club meeting of the year was this past Wednesday. A professor of horticulture from Ohio State University came to speak to our group on shade gardening. She was very inspiring. I am a shade gardener and never realized that I could have lots more blooming flowers in my shade gardens than I do. Cannot wait until Spring. Our garden club group has really grown in six years. I am the founding past president of the club and our first meeting was held at our local library and 13 people showed up. Since then, we have moved to a Catholic School for our meetings this past year because we outgrew the library room. We now have 67 paid members. At the meeting, we were told that we will probably be leaving for a new Assisted Living Development in the area that can provide a larger room. The meeting this past Wednesday was full to capacity. Astounding to think that it all started with a simple ad in the local newspaper. Now, our group is branching out to have membership in the Ohio Garden Club and National Garden Club.

This year, our club has an entirely new Board. Every position was replaced with fresh faces and ideas. Incredible. They have lots of new ideas for the club. It is really exciting. Our main fundraiser is Mother's Day weekend. We sell perrenial plants from member's gardens. The new President set a goal of $3,000.00 insales. Last year it was almost $2,000.00.

We use some of the money to donate trees, benches, etc. to our community. Last year our club replaced a large Maple Tree that came down in a storm last summer by our Town Hall.

It is amazing how this little group of gardeners has grown. I am truly astounded!

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